Motorola Device XOOM Device Driver – Part Two, Windows XP

April 23, 2012

My flashbuilder 4.6 project was moved to my windows xp machine and I had to reinstall the XOOM device drivers again. This time I ran into more issues but I am going to document what I did, so when I deploy more apps to the device I can follow these directions.

The same site XOOM drivers in my previous post for windows 7, still holds for downloading the drivers. The download file MotoHelper_2.1.40_Driver_5.5.0.exe contains the msi file, Motorola_End_User_Driver_Installation_5.5.0_32bit.msi, which is used to install the XOOM drivers. This motorola website Installing Motorola Handset USB Drivers also allowed you to download the usb drivers in msi format but I think the previous website was all encompassing.
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FlexBuilder 4.6 and Motorola Xoom Device Driver

March 28, 2012

Starting to play with mobile apps via Flex/Flash and tried to debug the app via a Motorola Xoom. Started by following the directions here at Adobe:
Connect Google Android Devices.

Followed the directions on the page to step 4 and Windows 7 was unable to locate the device driver(Xoom driver was issued around March 2011 I believe). Checked flexbuilder debug configuration and could not recognize the device since missing driver.
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