phpMyAdmin – Installing LAMP/MAMP on Snow Leopard/Mac Pro Part II

January 14, 2010

The only missing piece from the LAMP configuration was the phpMyAdmin package. So I did the following:

  1. Downloaded the zip file for phpMyAdmin from
  2. unzip the downloaded fie
  3. rename phpMyAdmin…3.2.5 to phpMyAdmin
  4. copy the directory to the apache server location(/Library/Webserver/Documents)
  5. FAQS stated – you need to create your own I started from
  6. Go to http://localhost/phpMyAdmin which should show you the login view

My is displayed below

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Installing LAMP/MAMP on Snow Leopard/Mac Pro Part I

January 14, 2010

I am coming from a windows background and loved the simplicity and ease of use of WAMP when it came out. So I looked for the comparable package for my new Mac Pro. I had heard about MAMP so I jumped on that package.

I used this article from Sitepoint to get started: Build Your Own Database Drive Website Using PHP and MySql, Part I: Installation. If you are starting out, I highly recommend buying this book to get you up and running. I followed the directions to install MAMP. I was rather disappointed. I guess the comparable package to WAMP is MAMP Pro. I had the following problems:

  • MySQL socket – even after I set the socket to the default of 3306, it kept reverting to 8889 after I stopped and started MAMP
  • MySql startup was error prone and the logs spewed out warnings using the default mysql settings which have been noted on other sites(lower_case_table_names warning,Plugin ‘FEDERATED’ is Disabled,plugin ‘ndbcluster’ is disabled, can’t find a file ./mysql/plugin.frm’,etc)
  • Missing ini files – my.cnf or my.ini,php.ini
  • Tried to configure the system to start automatically on startup using plist files unsuccessfully, mainly because of mysql issues

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Protected: Transfer site to Modwest

June 2, 2009

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WAMP MySQL 4 to 5 Database Migration

February 20, 2009

Issue – I had installed an AMP server on my pc at work to do development work. The setup was around 5 years ago, so I was using version 4 of php and mysql and version 2 of apache(Which was state of the art at that time). Now I needed to upgrade my setup(MySQL 5 and php 5) for development purposes but leave the current system operating for internal project use.

WAMP came to the rescue since it encapsulates different configurations and prevents conflicts. To prevent conflicts with my current installation I changed the apache server port to 8090 in the httpd.conf file and the MySQL port to 3307 in the my.ini file and the phpMyAdmin file mysql port setting. Continue reading