Track Downloads Using Google Analytic Events

May 8, 2012

For the PocketNotes application, I added the new google analytics code to the php index page. I also added a GA Event for when an application download button is clicked. The first script will let me know when a user visits the page. The second script will let me know when a user has downloaded an application from the website.

I followed the instructions to embed google analytics code dynamically using the information at google analytics.

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Download NIM Tool Applications from the Website

April 26, 2012

Now that I have created the Pocket Notes on the Go Tool for:

  • Web
  • Desktop – Windows
  • Desktop – Mac
  • iPhone/iPad device (waiting developer approval via UNC)
  • android device
  • Online demo

I need to allow the user to either

  1. go to the marketplace to download the apps(iTunes or google play)
  2. or allow the user to download the software from the site.

Since Apple only allows you to install from the iTunes store, the website will be setup to only allow us to provide downloads for the desktop applications. The Apple and Android device apps will send the user to the respective marketplaces.

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