Time Capsule with Shared Network External Hard Drive

May 15, 2011

I have Time Capsule installed on my home network. My HP Pavilion has a direct cable connection into the back of the Time Capsule (no wireless network board since the machine is very old). My mac book pro connects to the Time capsule using wireless. I wanted to set up a local network drive to share photos and music files with my family.

I purchased a Western Digital Elements 2 TB hard drive to use as my local network hard drive. The hard drive comes preformatted for windows. My pre reading indicated I would need to format the hard drive for apple in HFS+ format to work with all machines via Time Capsule. The Time capsule provides AFP protocols to apple based machines and SMB protocols to windows based machines to interface with the hard drive. This was based on the apple site reference page about USB storage device supported formats and protocols USB storage device supported formats and protocols.

The instructions that came with the hard drive pointed Macintosh users to support.wdc.com and to look up knowledge based question id#287. Doing a knowledge based search on the id brought up this link:
How to partition and format a WD drive on Windows(7,Vista,XP) and Mac OSX.
I then selected my OS which was MAC OSX 10.5 or 10.6. This brought up a step by step instruction on how to format the external hard drive in the MAC OS EXtended (Journaled) format. The only deviation from the directions was in step 4 where I selected GUID Partition table partition scheme rather than the Apple Partition Map choice. These directions were also presented at this site Things You Must Know When Connecting a USB Hard Drive to Airport Extreme.

After reformatting the hard drive, I plugged it into my Time Capsule. I then used my Airport Utility which I have installed on my windows machine to configure the Time Capsule per the instructions on How to Add An External Hard Drive To Time Capsule. The fact that I had the Airport Utility installed on my windows machine may be why I had no trouble seeing the hard drive on my windows HP machine.

Ironically, on my apple mac pro laptop the network drive was visible but when I clicked on the drive I got the following error message:
“The operation cannot be completed because the original item for “drive” (the name of my drive) cannot be found”

I did some googling but thought I would try an old Windows trick and just rebooted my laptop. That did the trick and the laptop recognized the hard drive on the Time Capsule and allowed me to view the test photos I had placed there. I think the reboot forced the time capsule settings to be refreshed on the laptop which is rather windowy behavior.


Time Capsule(Apple) Replacing D-Link DI-614+(Windows) on Earthlink ISP Problems

December 8, 2009

Just installed an Apple Time Capsule(wireless router, backup, wpa enabled) to replace my old, old, old D-Link wireless router which was windows based(WEP enabled wireless router).

My current ISP is Earthlink. I have a windows vista desktop pc that was used to configure the D-link router and connect to the internet through this router. Please note that the IP address used with windows machines all start with 192.XXX.XXX.XXX.

I followed the directions provided and installed the airport utility on my mac pro and connected to the time capsule to set it up.

Usually all things apple install pretty smoothly but I was having problems detecting an internet connection using the airport utility software. I connected the ethernet connection from the cable modem into the wan port and the time capsule light remained yellow. Unfortunately:
“The application will automatically detect the time capsule you have just plugged in.” did not happen.

The airport utility did not detect the time capsule and I got the following message:
“AirPort Utility was unable to find your AirPort wireless device.”

The Solution:
Turning the earthlink modem off and then turning it back on – In essence resetting the modem connection and settings. This cleared out the old IP default address settings which were windows based and started with 192.xxx.xxx.xxx. After the modem reset, the Time capsule was able to use the apple oriented IP default addresses which start with 10.xxx.xxx.xxx. Or at least I think this is what happened.

I also had to reconfigure my hp c4780 wireless printer since it was also set to the old wireless configuration using the old encryption(wep) vs the new encryption(WPA).

I plugged the printers usb cable into my mac pro laptop and reran the HP Setup Assistant located on my laptop at Applications>Hewlett Packard >Device Utilities. I could then reset the printers wireless settings to detect the new wireless network(with the latest ssid, and wpa encrypted password vs the old ssid and the wep encrypted password).