Creating Multiple App Icons for Mobile/Air Applications

July 10, 2012

The following steps were followed to create multiple png application icons which were used in our mobile apps for both Google (Android) and Apple (IOS) devices:

  • Using Flash created a vector icon whose height = width
  • Exported the vector as a png image with dimension set to 512×512
  • Used Shrink O’Matic AIR application to create smaller png icons

NOTE: Shrink O’Matic provided a better downsize scaling of the image than using flash to export the vector to various png sizes.

Shrink O’Matic is available for download at

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Android Mobile Issue – Display local html/xml pages via StageWebView

May 14, 2012

When working on the pocketnotes to go mobile app, I ran into a problem viewing local xml files via the StageWebView component on an Android device. It turns out that special handling is involved which I found out after reading Air on Android: Displaying local web pages in StageWebView.

In essence, you have to copy your read only xml/html files from the installed .apk file on your device, which is located in the application directory, to the application storage directory.

The post has a brief explanation on how to accomplish this with a few lines of code. To make it consistent across android and ios devices, I found a blog discussing Local File Access/Editing for Android and ios.

Using dmgCreator to package AIR apps on MAC Or How to create a native Mac installer file for an adobe AIR application?

April 25, 2012

Once I had figured out how to package the PocketNotes AIR application for windows, I then had to address the same issues on apple desktop machines. I thought I was in the money when I googled on the topic and found this site by Serge Jespers on package-assistant-pro. Unfortunately it was built for AIR 2 so I moved on.

I googled for a dmg creator and finally settled on a simple package called dmgCreator which is available on sourceforge. “Creates compressed and internet enabled DMG files, i.e. for software distribution” which is all that I wanted to do.
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