JSFL Publish Deploy Settings for Flash 8 – Part II

September 22, 2009

Noto Bene:
The information in this section only appears to apply to the Flash CS4 IDE and not the Flash 8 ide. I could not get the script to work to locate my classes when I removed my Edit>Preferences>Actionscript 2 Settings class reference. I guess the solution is you need to upgrade to CS4.

This JSFL script was developed to expedite our generation of new flash 8 files for our website and integrate it with our desired project directory configuration. Part I discusses how to redirect the generation of the swf file which is to be deployed to a different directory from our source files. Part II will show how to add a reference to class libraries to be used when publishing more involved flash 8 files.

The next step in my understanding of the PublishProfileSetting JSFL script was how to setup the publishing profile to find the location of my actionscript 2 class library directories.
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JSFL Publish Deploy Settings for Flash 8 flas

September 21, 2009

My goal was to place my generated swf deployment files into a separate directory from the fla source files(Flash 8 versions). I found quite a few JSFL based batch jobs for publishing multiple fla files in deployment directories but none for a single testMovie scenario. The batch scenario did not work for me because I wanted to develop a single fla page and then view and publish it in a separate location.
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