Using Runtime Configured Services in Flex

May 18, 2009

Now that I have

  1. Passed FlashVars to Flex using php
  2. Dynamically configured Flex runtime services from FlashVars

The flex application can now request the actual service using the channel setting defined in the initialization function in step 2 above. Continue Reading


Passing FlashVars to Flex using php (w/o SWFObject)

May 18, 2009

Recommendation – use SWFObject to pass flashVars into a flex swf file application since it simplifies the whole process. The passing of data is centralized and taken care of for you in an OOP programmatic fashion.

My intent was to pass server data into a flex based application so that it could be configured dynamically on the fly.  I did not want to hardcode these  values into the application in case I moved the web application to anther URL.  I wanted to pass the server path and the php context root values as flashVars.

The first step was to generate a php file that would pass this information into the flex application. I started by grabbing the html code generated by the flex compiler. Continue Reading