GlobalSign Renewal

This year the global sign renewal process was straight forward. I received an email to install my certificate by clicking on a link in the email.

The GlobalSign website was rendered in my firefox browser and the following sequence ensued:

  1. I was asked for my certification installation password.
  2. A new view appeared requesting I create a password for the certificate being issued
  3. The password had to be a minimum of 12 characters
  4. Then a view appeared requesting that I download my certificate

Download Certificate View:


This downloaded the adobe air issued certificate onto my pc (filename format was gscertificate.pfx). I then brought up my firefox browser. Selected Tools>Options>Advanced>Certificates which rendered the following view:


I then selected the View Certificates button. Which brought up a dialog window with a listing of currently installed certificates and where I could select the import button.


Once imported, the adobe air signing certificate was installed into the browser from which I could then backup the signing certificate for use in an adobe air application by selecting the export button and saving the certificate as a adobecert.p12 file.


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