Creating Multiple App Icons for Mobile/Air Applications

The following steps were followed to create multiple png application icons which were used in our mobile apps for both Google (Android) and Apple (IOS) devices:

  • Using Flash created a vector icon whose height = width
  • Exported the vector as a png image with dimension set to 512×512
  • Used Shrink O’Matic AIR application to create smaller png icons

NOTE: Shrink O’Matic provided a better downsize scaling of the image than using flash to export the vector to various png sizes.

Shrink O’Matic is available for download at

From the original 512×512 png icon image:
Pocket Notes Icon

we generated the following icon sizes for use in Apple Mobile Devices, Android Mobile Devices, Windows Desktop machines and Mac Desktop Machines:

  1. 16×16
  2. 29×29
  3. 32×32
  4. 36×36
  5. 48×48
  6. 57×57
  7. 72×72
  8. 114×114
  9. 128×128
  10. 160×160
  11. 244×244
  12. 256×256

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