Installing Microsoft signtool.exe

I first googled to find a free digital signing tool for a windows program and found a page on the Global Sign website. The Global sign website (which is where I got my digital certificate) had a page discussing GlobalSign Code Signing Tools. Realized I needed to use signtool.exe for a microsoft application.

Googled installing microsoft signtool.exe and located a link discussing obtaining signtool.exe from the Windows SDK using a minimal installation. Since I am still using windows xp at work, the download center SDK version was appropriate. There is a newer link for windows 7 I believe. I installed only the Developer Tools > Windows Developement Tools > Win32 Developement Tools checkboxes as indicated in image below:

Image showing minimal sdk installation

Windows SDK signtool minimal installation

Now that I have my free signing tools installed, it is time to setup the InnoSetup program to include a digital certificate.

I upgraded to a new Windows 7 machine and wrote a quick update on Windows 7 signtool installation


4 Responses to Installing Microsoft signtool.exe

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  2. traveler34 says:

    Thanks, the article was very helpful.

  3. […] a Windows 7 machine and needed to install the signtool on my new pc. This is a followup to the post Installing Microsoft signtool.exe posted in May […]

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