Google Play Market Submission

List of Items needed to deploy your app via Console
After becoming a Google Play Developer, you can then deploy your app via the Developer Console. You need to create graphic assets/images for your app, a description of what your application does and also the app.apk file.

The list of graphic assets for your application is listed on the android developer site. A key point is even though some of the promotional assets are listed as optional, it is highly recommended that they are treated as required. I was trying to determine where each image was to be displayed to try to figure out what I should be creating for each asset. I found two sites that were of great help.

Android Market Submission Pain Part 2, provided a nice synposis of items needed during an android google play submission process.

ThisIsATest is a meta-app for Android developers to illustrate what happens with respect to the promotional assets that are included with an app when it is published.

Self Signed Certificate
I initially tried to use our AIR Based GlobalSign certificate when packaging the android app. Unfortunately, the Google Play market has a requirement that the certificate be valid until October 22, 2033. The GlobalSign certificate was only good for a year and the Google Play Developer Console balked at letting me upload the app. So I went back to Flashbuilder and generated a self signed certificate which is valid until October 22,2033. Then repackaged my Android app using this self signed certificate and the Google Play Developer Console happily accepted the app. This certificate needs to be used for all updates to the app.


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