Google Play Developer Application Process

Investigating the process of applying as a developer for Android mobile devices, I found Publishing on Google Play a good starting point in the process.

After reading through the article, to publish on the Google Play market you need to do the following:

  1. have a gmail account
  2. register as a google play developer
  3. Access the devloper console

Step 1:
Created a new business gmail account called and used this email account to create a Developer account with Google Play Market.

Step 2:
Using the new email account, register as a google play developer. This requires the following steps:

  1. create a Google Developer profile
    Google Developer Profile

    Google Developer Profile

  2. Agree to the developer distribution agreement
  3. Pay a registration fee of $25 using Google Checkout

After setting up the account, you will be logged into the developer console but will have a message that “Your Registration to Google Play is still being processed.” This allows you to start uploading any graphics images and description info required for the deployment of your apps but you can not deploy your apps yet until they have processed your payment. I checked the next day and my registration had been processed.

Note that the Account owner can add/revoke users to the Android Developer Console account.

When you save your information for the desired app and as in our case where we are giving the app away for free, it will query you to confirm that you want to give it away for free. This setting can not be changed, once an app is free you can not start charging later on down the line. You will need to create a new apk,name etc to add a price.

The next day after my registration had been completely processed (I reviewed all my app graphics, description, etc), I had the option to activate our app.


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