Using dmgCreator to package AIR apps on MAC Or How to create a native Mac installer file for an adobe AIR application?

Once I had figured out how to package the PocketNotes AIR application for windows, I then had to address the same issues on apple desktop machines. I thought I was in the money when I googled on the topic and found this site by Serge Jespers on package-assistant-pro. Unfortunately it was built for AIR 2 so I moved on.

I googled for a dmg creator and finally settled on a simple package called dmgCreator which is available on sourceforge. “Creates compressed and internet enabled DMG files, i.e. for software distribution” which is all that I wanted to do.

I pretty much replicated the settings in the image on the website with the exception of the icon and I also used zlib compression. Here is the screenshot:

dmg creator settings screen shot

The settings I used displayed in a screen shot.


If you right click in the boxes in the dmgCreator gui, a menu pops up with options – such as Choose… when you want to modify the selection.
Popup menu providing the user with selection options

After you have your settings all configured, you select the Prepare Button at the bottom. Once it has finished processing, two windows popup which allow you to select the layout of the window the user will see when the dmg file is double clicked as illustrated in image below:
screen that is visible when the dmg file is selected.
After you rearrange the icons in the gui, select the enabled Finish Button. dmgCreator creates a dmg file, NimPocketNotes_1.0.dmg, on the Desktop where I requested it to be placed (see selection made in the Destination Folder on the gui).


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