Using Inno Setup to Package AIR Application with Run-time on Windows

Now that we can include the captive runtime for an AIR application when exporting an Adobe Flex project on Windows, I looked into installer software packages that allowed you to wrap the output directory (which in our case included multiple xml files as well as the generated swf file) into an Windows based installation package for the desktop.

I followed the directions at the Adobe site to export a release version of an application using flashbuilder.

I then read a great article on using Inno Setup Compilier which had you tube videos to illustrate the ease of using the software.

I went to the download site for Inno Setup at Selected the QuickStart Pack to download – version ispack-5.4.3.exe. Ran the installation package and started using the InnoIDE gui to create my own application installer for our NIM pocket notes program.

I selected the Wizard button at the top of the guiInnoIDE image and followed the directions based on the instructions/video in the article I posted above.The result of the wizard created the following setup script:Inno Setup Script The gui prompted me to compile or hit f9 to compile the script to generate the installation file. You also can select Project > Compile Script to perform the same function.

The result was a setup.exe Directory with output files file of approximately 13 MB which installed our application on windows machines into a directory of approximately 38 MB due to the size of the captive air runtime included.

After creating the installer, I noticed that the version number when I rolled over the icon was set to To remedy this situation, requires that you select the Settings button(From same row of buttons that the wizard button appears) which renders the following dialog:

Inno Ide Settings dialog

Inno Ide Settings Dialog for Version number

If you right click on the installer and select properties, you can see that this dialog sets the windows based properties. A subset of this information is displayed when you rollover the icon.

Pros – always uses the appropriate air runtime without having to ask the user to install another software package(air runtime) requiring a two step process. No incompatibilities when targeting multiple AIR runtimes.

Cons – No longer provided with an installer and you have to find your own. The resulting application file size is larger. You are also responsible for updating the application when new security updates are released.

Noto Bene: I found a png to ico website so I could leverage the png files created for the air application to be used as the installation icon for the Inno Setup software.


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