Upgrading to FlashBuilder 4.6 and Importing FXP project with Linked Resources

I am documenting how i upgraded my flashbuilder 4.5 to 4.6 and the problem I ran into with respect to using a Constant to link to class resources in an imported project. I followed the directions and removed 4.5 completely before attempting to install flashbuilder 4.6 since the same serial number is used for both versions. I downloaded the software from adobe and then installed the software on my machine.

Launched Flashbuilder and went to FlashBuilder > Preferences. Selected General > Workspace > Linked Resources. Added constant NEPP_CLASSES which pointed to a directory on my machine with all of our as3 classes.

I then selected File> Import Flash Builder Project. Selected NIMDesktopPocketNotes.fxp and then went through the import steps and associated the NEPP_CLASSES constant with the updated preferences information(constant variable setting update was performed in the previous paragraph). Hit finish and the project gets imported but does not include the reference to the linked resources in the project directory. The project was missing the linked directory.

I deleted the local project reference setting by first selecting the project directory in the Package Explorer panel. I then selected File > Properties which brought up the properties dialog box for the project(On windows, can right click on project and select properties from the popup menu).

From the project dialog popup, I selected Flex Build Path, then on the corresponding screen, picked the source path tab/button. Selected ${NEPP_CLASSES}, then pressed the remove button.

project properties dialog

Project Properties dialog with Flex Build Path selected

Then selected Add Folder button, inserted ${NEPP_CLASSES} and flash builder was then able to update the project to recognize the class path to all the files which were being referenced in the project. The linked resource(NEPP_CLASSES) is once again visible as illustrated in image below:
image of package explorer with linked resource

linked resource now reintegrated into project


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