Spelling Fix Directive on Modwest Hosting Provider

Caveat: Modwest is a really dependable hosting service but it is sometimes hard to locate info from Knowledge base support.

While uploading our new course player which loaded swf files that had corresponding audio files to be played (audio files which had been named but not created yet), I noticed that random audio files were being played with each page. Rather a disconnect between what was being visually seen and what you were hearing from some random audio file. This was unexpected since it was not happening on my local testbed server.

I then noticed in my error_log on Modwest that when a file could not be found that a message in the following basic format was output:

“Spelling fix: /”missing filename here ” [info] Audio file requested but does not exist 20 candidates from http://mysite/callingPage.swf

and then some random file would be selected that was considered a best match.

I had a difficult time trying to find out how to turn off this feature but finally my googling skills found this information about the Apache http server having a mod_speling extension:


I really like how it is spelled mod_speling with a single L in spelling:)

I then was able to find the appropriate link on Modwest by searching for checkspelling(which is the apache directive to enable/disable the spelling module) at the support site(support.modwest.com) to find this link:

So I created an .htaccess file in my www directory which had the following in it:
CheckSpelling Off

This directive then holds for all subdirectories as well. Random files were no longer being selected. Done.


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