Renew/Reinstall Adobe Air Code Signing Certificate (GlobalSign)

After renewing my code signing certificate with GlobalSign, I performed the following steps to install my certificate to be used by Flex when creating Air applications.

  1. Installed the certificate in my browser following the directions from GlobalSign
  2. Saved the certificate to a backup file(used for backup and also for Air Application release builds)
  3. Tested the certificate file by creating a release build of an Air Application

1) Installed the certificate in my browser
I received an email from GlobalSign that my certificate had been approved. I selected the email link to start the certificate installation process and the following web page was rendered:
Instructions to install certificate
I selected the top button and was told my certificate was successfully installed.(Which meant that the certificate was installed into the current browser).

I subsequently selected the buttons for the intermediate certificates and was told that the intermediate certificates had already been installed as a certificate authority. This was probably done last year when I installed my first Adobe Air Code Signing Certificate.

2) Export the certificate for Backup and usage within the Flex Builder program
Now that the certificate was installed in the browser successfully, I found the following page on the GlobalSign site which helped to jog my memory of what I needed to do next.

I followed the instructions to backup the certificate from the firefox browser (With the exception that I did not have to set up a Master Password). So..

Firefox Menu Bar > Selected Tools > Options > Advanced
The Options popup for firefox 3.5.7 appears and is displayed below:
Firefox Options Popup Menu

Select View Certificates Button
The Certificate Manager Popup Menu appers:
Firefox Certificate Manager Popup

Select Desired Certificate and select Backup button

This will open a window to create a filename. Select a directory and filename to save the backup file to and then select the Save button.

The certificate password menu popup appears as a result:
Certificate Backup Password Popup

Enter a password and record it in a safe place for future reference (This password will be used by Flex when generating a release build for an Air application). Then select the Ok Button.

The following Alert dialog should appear to let you know you have successfully saved the certificate.
Security Certificate Backup successful

3) Use the backup file to create a release build of an Air Application
When the Air project is ready for prime time:

Select Export option for the project.
Select Release Build from the options Presented
Release Build Popup allows you to select Code signing Certificate
Release Build Popup
Drill down to location of Code Signing certicate file
Select Backup Certificate File

Enter password you had saved for the backup and then proceed to publish Air Application
Enter Certificate Pwd


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