Renew/Reinstall Adobe Air Code Signing Certificate (GlobalSign)

February 10, 2010

After renewing my code signing certificate with GlobalSign, I performed the following steps to install my certificate to be used by Flex when creating Air applications.

  1. Installed the certificate in my browser following the directions from GlobalSign
  2. Saved the certificate to a backup file(used for backup and also for Air Application release builds)
  3. Tested the certificate file by creating a release build of an Air Application

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Flex Formatter Plugin for eclipse and Flex Builder

February 2, 2010

To install the flex formatter plugin, download the zip from this site:
Flex Formatter download site

The installation directions can be found on the forums here:
Flex Formatter forums

The specific installation query on forum is here:
Installing flex formatter

In essence, unzip the zip file. Locate the plugins folder under your eclipse or flex builder installation. Copy or drag and drop the jar files into the plugins folder. Start/Restart your eclipse/flex builder program. the icons should be displayed in the upper left hand side of the top icon toolbar.

Installation instructions from grant skinner can be found here

Some more documentation can be found on the wiki here as well:
Flex Formatter Docs

Configuring the attribute order can be found here:
Configuring mxml attribute order

The settings can be accessed from here as well:
Windows>Preferences > General> Keys> MXML
Windows > Preferences > Flex Formatting