JSFL Publish Deploy Settings for Flash 8 – Part II

September 22, 2009

Noto Bene:
The information in this section only appears to apply to the Flash CS4 IDE and not the Flash 8 ide. I could not get the script to work to locate my classes when I removed my Edit>Preferences>Actionscript 2 Settings class reference. I guess the solution is you need to upgrade to CS4.

This JSFL script was developed to expedite our generation of new flash 8 files for our website and integrate it with our desired project directory configuration. Part I discusses how to redirect the generation of the swf file which is to be deployed to a different directory from our source files. Part II will show how to add a reference to class libraries to be used when publishing more involved flash 8 files.

The next step in my understanding of the PublishProfileSetting JSFL script was how to setup the publishing profile to find the location of my actionscript 2 class library directories.
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JSFL Publish Deploy Settings for Flash 8 flas

September 21, 2009

My goal was to place my generated swf deployment files into a separate directory from the fla source files(Flash 8 versions). I found quite a few JSFL based batch jobs for publishing multiple fla files in deployment directories but none for a single testMovie scenario. The batch scenario did not work for me because I wanted to develop a single fla page and then view and publish it in a separate location.
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Printing in Adobe Flex Using the FlexPrintJob Class

September 15, 2009

Printing in Flex is actually pretty simple and allows for a print view to be set up that may not look anything like the application UI displayed on screen. This allows for loosely coupled design and also multiple different print views if desired.
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Protected: Tag Letters on XML Files for Interactions in NEPP

September 10, 2009

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Using XML to display text in Flash Page and/or HTML

September 2, 2009

We have summary content which we use at the end of nutritional instruction. The nutritional instruction is initially rendered in a flash page at the end of a course(The course content is contained in a series of flash based pages). This information also needs to be made available for printing and for possible look up at a later time from an HTML web based page. We call this section our pocket notes and have placed this text info into an xml file.

We decided that with the use of xml we could centralize the information which needs to be displayed and massage it for display in two different contexts. The first view would be within a flash based page and the second within an html based page.

Pocket Notes Text Instructions for xml file:
The pocket notes text (which is to be displayed in both a flash page template and an html browser page) is provided a layout structure with the use of an xml file.

  • This xml file is dynamically loaded into the flash page for display.
  • The xml file is also displayed appropriately in a browser page with the use of an xsl stylesheet.

The xml file was structured using the following format:
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