Flash 10 Debugger Upgrade and Flex

I always forget to initially update to latest flash player debugger plugin and player when I inadvertently update to a new flash player to view content in a browser.

So I am writing myself a quick sequence of instructions I followed so the next time I can just refer to this post without googling for the sequence. The blog that I initially referenced when I was upgrading is located at http://www.mmug-dublin.com/blog/?p=36 and discussed Flash Player 10 and FB3.

Flex builder can not find the debugger executable when debugging mode is requested.

Updated my Flash Player to a release version and not the debugger version during a browser surfing session.

Steps to fix

  1. Uninstall current Flash player executables and plugins on my machine
  2. Download the latest debugger versions from Adobe
  3. Install latest versions

1) Uninstall flash player on my machine:

I went to this link to get the adobe flash uninstaller for the player and plugins:

I then clicked the executable and let it do its work.

2) Download the latest flash player debugger version:
Went to this link:

I downloaded the flash player 10 for Flash CS4 Professional download which includes both release and debugger versions. It is currently located here on my machine:
G:\Documents and Settings\Margo Powell\My Documents\Downloads\Players\Debug

3) Installed the debugger versions using the readme included in the download

In essence,
I went to the newly installed flash player debugger folder and used the plugin and activex plugin installer executables to install in browsers.

I copied the latest flash player debugger executable to the players directory in the Flash CS4 installation:
F:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS4\Players\Debug

I did not need to change my flex builder link since it must point to the appropriate installation directory on my machine:

The correct version of NPSWF32.dll that Flex builder looks for must have been copied to this directory during one of the plugin installations.

New link provided by adobe gives a micro level of control to the upgrades when doing testing:
Install Issues, Development Testing


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