WAMP PEAR Migration

I successfully installed the WAMP package. I have php and mysql up and running. I can view the mysql 5 database using phpMyAdmin.

The next step was to get a PEAR library installed in the new WAMP installation so I could test my current website in this new enviroment. So I followed the directions to install pear on WAMP server from the php hints site and the Hiveminds site.

The only step I balked at was when it asked if I wanted to install a system-wide or local copy of PEAR? I chose local because I wanted to leave my current configuration as is. This selection lead to other issues during installation because the Windows based PATH variable kept redirecting any new installation to my old installation location.

I went to the php directory in the WAMP installation and brought up a command window and issued the following command:


The system nicely proceeding to prompt me per the installation instructions on the above sites. So I successfully installed the basic PEAR installation into the correct location in WAMP.

I updated my php.ini files to have the include_path point to the correct location. So my WAMP server knew where to look for the PEAR libraries. When I wanted to install my HTML_QuickForm package is where I had difficulties due to my choice of a local installation.

I brought up a command window and queried Pear as to what was currently installed:
pear list

The packages that were listed where those currently installed on my other system wide installation.

I then issued the following command which showed me that all the pear config values where still pointing to the system wide configuration rather than the local copy:
pear config-show

I did not want to proceed because it would have tried to install the packages in the location where I already had the configuration I wanted. So i googled and I found one site about Switching Local PEAR Installations but it was for a unix based setup.

What I tried to do which was update my windows PATH environment variable and reboot since this variable value is only reset on bootup.

Unfortunately updating the include_path in the php.ini file along with changing the PATH variable in System Environmental variables(And removing some PEAR variable settings) did not work so I bailed. I should have gone to the PEAR site for further research but decided to take a speedier approach.

Since the PEAR libraries I wanted were on my local system and I just wanted my new WAMP PEAR installation to mimic this setup, I went to my system wide PEAR installation location and copied the directory into my WAMP PEAR location. This worked like a charm.

NOTE TO SELF: When I remove my old setup, I need to go through the PEAR installation process and select the system wide approach so that the appropriate environmental variable values and pear files are placed in the correct locations. I also need to upgrade to the PHP 5 version of my PEAR packages.


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