WAMP PEAR Migration

February 20, 2009

I successfully installed the WAMP package. I have php and mysql up and running. I can view the mysql 5 database using phpMyAdmin.

The next step was to get a PEAR library installed in the new WAMP installation so I could test my current website in this new enviroment. So I followed the directions to install pear on WAMP server from the php hints site and the Hiveminds site. Continue Reading


WAMP MySQL 4 to 5 Database Migration

February 20, 2009

Issue – I had installed an AMP server on my pc at work to do development work. The setup was around 5 years ago, so I was using version 4 of php and mysql and version 2 of apache(Which was state of the art at that time). Now I needed to upgrade my setup(MySQL 5 and php 5) for development purposes but leave the current system operating for internal project use.

WAMP came to the rescue since it encapsulates different configurations and prevents conflicts. To prevent conflicts with my current installation I changed the apache server port to 8090 in the httpd.conf file and the MySQL port to 3307 in the my.ini file and the phpMyAdmin config.inc.php file mysql port setting. Continue reading

GlobalSign Code Signing Certificate Installation

February 19, 2009

Woo hoo! I won a free Code Signing Certificate for Adobe Air. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to check out the process of purchasing, installing, and using a CSR for the Nutrition in Medicine project. This will allow us to work out the kinks in the process of creating Air programs for our project. This turned into a two step process

Step 1: Certificate Request Process

The first step in the process was to “buy- using the nice promo code” a 1 year code signing certificate following the directions in the email. So I filled out the forms at the site, following the directions in the email.
Continue reading